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Guided by your vision and commercial references, I can sonically enhance your production by using a range of tools, improving balance.​​ With a suite of professional software and plug-ins from the likes of UAD, FabFilter, and SoundToys, as well as acoustically optimised monitoring, I can polish songs to help them stand out, no matter what system your audience is listening on.

What I'll need to get started:

  • Mix notes containing:

    • any references

    • any specific notes you have for the process

  • Multitrack preparation

    • You'll receive a guidance pdf that should make this process simple

What you'll receive:

  • I'll take the time needed to understand your creative vision

  • Guidance & communication throughout the process

  • Audio will be playable lossless-ly (best possible quality) via Samply for you to listen to


  • 24-bit WAV MIX file(s)

    • The main mix - this should be given to the mastering engineer​

    • A limited (louder) version for comparing to your reference tracks

  • Instrumental & Radio Edits at no extra cost (upon request)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to
send me a contact form and I'll be happy to answer them!

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