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Editing & More

For Engineers and Producers, I offer the following services:

DAW & Extra Info:

  • Pro Tools ​proficient - this is the only DAW I edit in currently.

  • Workflow flexible

    • Let me know how you like to work and I'll accommodate it!

    • Playlists / save as versions

    • Committed, uncommitted (or both versions on different playlists)

  • Musically trained (Grade 8 Jazz Sax) with strong ear for pitch & timing

Vocal Tuning & Aligning

  • Lead Vocal, Backing Vocal, and Stacked Vocal Tuning

  • Tuning using Melodyne Studio (and/or AutoTune upon request)

  • Synchro Arts VocAlign for alignment

Beat Detective

  • Transparent drums & percussion editing

  • Can accommodate any preference regarding strength / resolution

Drum Sample Layering

  • Phase accurate sample layering

  • Rendered to a new track and phase aligned using tab to transient & nudge if needed

Manual Editing & Clip Gain

  • Timing (e.g. instrument doubles, performances that need work)

  • Clip gaining

    • Manually reducing esses

    • Levelling dynamic vocals

  • Breath treatment (to your preference)

    • Reduction

    • Removal

    • Moving to separate track

Quantisation / Elastic Audio / Warping

  • Software instrument / MIDI quantisation

  • Elastic audio

    • I tend to avoid using this for heavier warping, due to inconsistent/glitchy results)

  • Tricky performances that require warping

    • For this I suggest I warping in LUNA

    • I have had great results from doing this and I can handle export and re-import to Pro Tools.

RX & Other Cleanups

  • De-noise / De-hum

  • De-click (including mouth clicks)

  • De-hum

  • De-bleed (requires bleed source)

  • and more...

Session Prep

​As this is such a personal thing, I'd really like to meet/call to see how you like things done for your workflow.

  • Importing multitracks

  • Naming/colouring

  • Routing into a template or track presets

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to
send me a contact form and I'll be happy to answer them!

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